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What is a domain?A Domain is a readable name that is used to access a website. For example, both Google.com and Tinkertechlab.com are domain names. Finding a good domain name can be the key to a successful business.
What are TLDs?TLD stands for Top Level Domain, and it is the highest name with a domain name. For example, in Tinkertechlab.com, .com is the TLD. Other examples include “.net” “.org” and “.edu”. Want to learn more about TLDs?
How do I get a domain name for free?Although popular TLDs like .com and .org are impossible to get for free (Legally), Freenom provides free domains to get you started on your journey. Learn how to get a free domain name using Freenom.
What are nameservers?Nameservers are used to turn human-readable domains such as google.com into IP addresses that your computer can understand like “” or “20024:4689:1FE4::4689:1FE4”. Learn more about nameservers.
What is DNS?DNS manages your domain name. From directing traffic to your website, and routing emails where they need to go, DNS is key in a smooth experience. DNS is quite complicated, so you may want to check out our beginner’s guide.
What is DNS Propagation?DNS propagation is a term used to describe the wait time that is needed while thousands of DNS servers sync new DNS records. Learn more about DNS Propagation.
How do I get custom email for free?Custom email may seem like something that can cost thousands of dollars a year. However, just like a personal email address, you can get them free. Popular custom domain distributors include Yandex and ForwardMail.
What is .htaccess?.htaccess is a tool found on Apache server, allowing website admins to define rules, modify URL/URIs, change configuration, as well as enable, or disable functionalities of the server. For example, you can set error pages, directory password protection, IP-related restrictions, as well as controlling the URL redirection.
How do I use .htaccess?You can use .htaccess by opening a text-editing program, entering (Or copying) in .htaccess code, then saving to your webserver with the name of “.htaccess” (There is nothing before the dot). Learn more about .htaccess here.


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