How To Get Custom Email Addresses For Your Domain

There are many, many different services and companies that provide custom email for your domain out there. In this article, we will be exploring both paid, and free options to get your custom email adresses ready!

What is Custom Email, and what is it used for?

Custom email is used to help your visitors gain further trust in your website and brand. An example of custom email is basically [email protected] or [email protected] Another example would be us! We have email addresses such as [email protected] if you need help, and email addresses such as [email protected] for our amazing supporters to get in contact with us. Using a custom email address can boost your sales, as well as other amazing benefits!

Getting Free Custom Email

Not ready to spend money yet? That’s OK! There are many ways you can get a custom email for free, and here are just two ways that it is possible (So you don’t have to decide between them all). Note that free providers may have restictions on the number of accounts, and the amount of storage, amoung other things.

1.Yandex The Russian search engine provides free email for domains. Although it can be a bit confusing to set up, and quite a bit of Google Translate may be needed (especially if you miss the obvious language button like we did). Yandex may be the best choice if you want an actual inbox for your mail. You can set up the ability to both send and receive the email from your Yandex email account with your existing one if you wish.

2.Option number two in the free category is ForwardMail. This may be the best option if you want everything to be completed from your current mailbox, and not having to manage multiple. ForwardMail is relatively easy to set up, and just like Yandex, you can both send and receive from your current inbox.


Did you know that a custom email address can really boost the trustworthiness of your brand? With that in mind, why are you still reading, and not rushing off to scope them out, or sign up for an account? See you next time!


Article by Tinkerman