HTTP 401 Error (And How To Fix It)

The HTTP 401 error, or the 401 Unauthorized error, normally occurs when you are trying to access protected content, but are not logged in, or do not have the proper permissions to access the page. If you already logged in but still see the error, you may have supplied the wrong credentials, or the server may not have used them correctly.

What does this error mean?

The HTTP 401 response occurs when you do not have access to the page.“401 Unauthorized”, “HTTP 401 - Authentication Required”, and “Error 401” are all different ways of typing this error message. You can also customize this error page on your own website with .htaccess!



How do I fix this error?

  1. Double-check the URL. Make sure that you actually have access to the page or content you are trying to view.
  2. Check your login information. Visit the site’s homepage, and make sure you are logging into the correct spot. Also make sure you are using the correct username and password, most websites also give you the option to change or reset them if you lose them.
  3. Refresh. Like many errors, this one may be solved by refreshing the page, but note that this will only work if the server encountered a temporary error.
  4. Clear that cache. The cache on your browser may also be to blame. Try clearing your cache and cookies to allow the browser a fresh attempt at logging you in.
  5. If you already tried the above, and nothing works, contacting the owner, or the support services of the website may be the next option. Look for a contact form or page on the website you are having issues with.

Final Summary

The HTTP 401 Unauthorized error mostly occurs when the wrong credentials are given, or when the server is not properly configured to use them. Please let us know if you ever spot this error here, and have an amazing day.


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