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What Can I Contribute?

You can contribute edits to existing articles or pages, or even helping us out by creating completely new articles for our site!

Why Should I Contribute?

You should contribute because you will be helping the advancement of this site, as well as earning rewards for yourself!
As a contributer, you will gain access to a special panel that tracks what you have done, and allows you to contribute more content.
Additionally, you will be able to create a user-name, bio page, and upload a profile pic. It will be displayed on each page that your help us out with!
You will also be able to download and play tinkergames ad-free!
The last (And possibly best) special is that you get exclusive coupons for our shop!

How Do I Start Contributing?

It's easy to get started! Just scroll down and fill out the forum!
Once you complete your first accepted contribution, you will be given your unique credentials to the supporter panel.